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Hi friends, Recently me and my wife Shima went to a temple in Negeri Sembilan and this blog post contains some information and pictures of the temple,hope u guys enjoy reading.

The temple dedicated for Lord Sivasanggara Valmuni Vannamuni . This temple is located at Lot 5601,5602 Kuala Sawah, Ulu Sawah , Rantau , Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus. The temple is easily accessible via north and south highway , exit at the Port Dickson ( Rasah ) plaza toll gate. It take approximately 30 minutes drive from the plaza toll and approximately 40 minutes drive from the Seremban town. There is several ways to the temple one is from Rasah, second from Taman Tuanku Jaafar and Senawang , thirdly from Rantau ( Port Dickson way ) and fourthly from Rembau and Tampin using the Taman Tuanku Jaafar way.

Pooja Schedule
Prayers (pooja) are held two times daily, Monday – Sunday
morning 7.00 am
evening 7.30 pm

Following are some shots taken by us:

 Sri Sivasanggara Valmuni Vannamuni “Appa”

The main attraction of the temple,he is also called Dr.Muni and he has a stethoscope on his neck. Its a believe that praying to him can cure illness.

I was quite surprised when 1st saw this statue  because he is named as Sri Thava Muni,which contains my name;)

 This is the first time a saw a Chinese warrior statue at a hindu temple,quite a huge statue…

The Arthanadeeswarar statue means Half Shivan and Half Shakthi,it symbolize gender equality in Hinduism 

This is balar shivan (teen Shiva)..about 3 meter tall,very nicely made. 

This chariot found in the temple was fully build with polystyrene..very nice coloring.. 

This is the most interesting and cute statue The ‘Sleeping Baby Shivan’,at the length of 37 feet(length of 3cars). Lovely piece of Art. All the toys seen are presented by devotees to this cute baby…

The great Narashimma Avatar. Sitting 8 feet tall..Lovely

There was a small locked room behind this Narashima Statue,then the priest open the room for us and for our suprise it is a air-cond room full of tall statues and a huge Shiva Lingga…then the priest told us God is kept in a cool temperature 24 hours a day. Following are the pics taken inside the room.


On the outdoors,there is a garden and we spotted this Lord Murugan and Ganesha statue…very colorful and huge. Both are brothers according to puranas.

Cute Hanuman 


Baba statue

Lord Aiyyappa                                                                                                 Sri Muniswarar

 Huge drawings at temple wall…a BLISS…

This is a double bladed swing,the priest will stand on this blades and swing when he is in trans.

This is new on going project to built a lingga symbol using 1001 mini linggas.

 Lord Shiva’s vehicle…use only when temple festival

The main altar..eyes are very real..


Last but not least..a soundly sleeping cute baby ganesha..

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